Three Cheers for Friday! It doesn’t matter that this day comes around every week – I still get so excited for it. The idea of the weekend coming up is always a great feeling. This weekend I’m going to be doing some work on a secret project that I’ll be able to talk about more next week (here’s a hint). At some point I’m sure I’ll be making it to the One of a Kind Show too, followed by more exciting stuff…like laundry. (Although, in all seriousness, it is my favourite chore)

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A Trip to the City: Every month or so, I end up in Toronto for an appointment or event, and I like to park somewhere and walk around as much as I can. There is always so much to see when you’re on foot in a city. It’s definitely one of the things that I miss about living there the most. This week I ended up near the Yorkville area and Garrett was able to join me for the day.

We had lunch at one of my favourite take out places – Veda! I love Indian food, but it’s so hard to find places that are safe for my peanut and nut allergies. Thankfully these guys are nut free AND healthy too. We always order a big size of butter chicken (the best dish there), basmati rice and either pakoras or samosas. It gives us plenty for leftovers for at least lunch the next day. Maybe one day I can convince them to open a franchise near us.

A trip to Yorkville wouldn’t be complete without a stop into Anthropologie. Every time I come in this store, I leave with my head spinning with fun ideas. The displays are always so fun.

All the colourful mugs and bowls got me excited to pull my own growing collection out for spring.

I always love looking at the knobs, handles and hooks they have, but this time it was the vintage inspired door knobs that stole my heart.

Also, this week…. I just got sent a video that I did last weekend at the Princess Margaret Show Home. It was fun to work with the crew and learn about the house. I can’t wait to share all photos of this beautiful place next week. Stay tuned!

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Have a great weekend!

One of my favourite events in Toronto is always the One of a Kind Show. Whether it’s the holiday market or the spring show, there are always awesome finds and I love getting the chance to meet with the artisans one-on-one.

This year I’m extra excited to go because my aunt, Barbara Banfield, will be there as a vendor. She makes lovely pottery and I’m lucky to have a few of her pieces in my collection.

I’m really looking forward to going this weekend with my mom and sister, to check out some new ideas for spring. We’ll just have to find a way to lose my mom for a bit to pick out her Mother’s Day gift! I’ve always had great luck finding interesting and unique gifts there and I usually stock up for upcoming birthdays and celebrations…and maybe a few new home decor treats for myself.

If you’re in the area this week, be sure to check out the One of A Kind Show or visit the online shop!

Happy Friday! This week has turned out to be a pretty busy one because we have some exciting news. We’re in the middle of house hunting for our first home! It’s something we’ve talked about for a long time and have finally felt ready to take the leap! It’s both exciting and nerve wracking. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach and my dreams have been kind of crazy lately, but the whole thing is really fun too. Funny enough, before we even knew we’d start looking at houses, our friends offered us tickets to go with them to the National Home Show. It was a great chance to see what the trends are right now, what options are out there and see my favourite part – the garden displays. I thought it would be the perfect start to this whole house hunting thing, if I shared some of my favourite finds from the show.

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The moment we walked in, we were greeted with huge displays of fresh tulips and spring bouquets. If we hadn’t been walking around all day, I would have grabbed a bunch to take home. They made it really feel like spring!

I hadn’t been to the home show since I was little and I couldn’t get over how big it was. The place was packed with displays, booths and the dream homes.

The first dream home was a very modern design, with sleek minimalist finishes. The lighting in this house was really interesting, with big drum shades and this funky sputnik fixture above the kitchen table.

The second dream home was closer to the style that I like – a modern feel but with rustic elements too. I loved the different designs on the signs.

My favourite feature between both houses was this bubbled glass light fixture with Edison bulbs.

The real star of the show was the garden displays. The whole huge room smelled like spring. Everywhere you looked there was something new and interesting to see, like this little fairy tree house surrounded by lovely daffodils.

A little spot was set up with a deck, huge plants and this serene fountain. If they had chairs there, I would have been happy to sit around and relax all day!

How cool is this treehouse? On the other side is a huge stairway up and then you can get down on this slide. Forget about this being for kids – I want it myself!

The orchids were stunning and I was so tempted to take one home, but in the end we decided on a venus fly trap. Garrett and I both remember having them as kids. Here’s hoping that we can keep it alive!

We walked by these weird hanging plants. I have no idea what they are. Anyone know? I’m guessing those hanging pods are to collect water?

I may have gotten just a wee bit excited at all the Easter stuff in the garden centre shops. It really made me ready for spring and everything to start growing back again. I guess today it officially starts – yay!

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As you can imagine, our weekend will be filled with more fun house hunting. It feels like we’re just at the beginning of a really grand adventure…

While I was off for my surgery, I spent plenty of time in this little apartment of ours, thinking about what works and what doesn’t. It’s hard when you’re in this renter’s limbo. We know we want to buy a house soon, but for now we’re making do with what we have in this space. I don’t like the idea of putting much work into it when we never know how much longer we’ll be here…but there is one space that was really starting to get on my nerves…my little home office.

Back when we first moved into our apartment, I put together this little space in the corner of our dining room. I needed it for my part time evening job, working on the blog and keeping up with the regular day-to-day paperwork. It was tight, but I made the most of it and Garrett helped me put up shelves above for more storage. The plastic drawer unit was from my old university dorm room and the desk was a $40 IKEA find that I’d bought for the Toronto apartment. Over time, everything was looking a little run down. The desk was chipping, two drawers were cracked and it just wasn’t the look I was going for.

This is a quick rough photoshop I put together one day to explain my vision to Garrett. I took some inspiration from my Office Space & Craft Room board on Pinterest.

For the new desk, the original plan was to use wood leftover from the DIY Window Seat Storage Bench to make a whitewash/grey desktop, add legs on the left side and then use stacked organizer cubes for the right side. There was even the idea of making a shelf below for the printer. We measured the wood and started drawing up plans when we decided to make a Target run while out running errands.

While we were there, it made sense to look at a few desk designs to see some different style ideas. That’s when we spotted this Threshold desk. Originally $150, it was part of the liquidation sales at Target in Canada right now…and we were able to get it for less than $115. Considering that we didn’t have to take a weekend to build it (besides the hour it took to put it together), there was no painting involved and we could have it set up right away – we bought it on the spot. Normally, Garrett and I are both planners. If we know we’re going to buy something, we research it, talk about it, look up alternatives, etc. This is one of the few times where we just said “yes” right then and there.

The big selling points for me:

  1. Filing cabinet – I love to have all my most used files at the ready, and this was going to make that easier than ever.
  2. One large surface – the older desk was small, with extra space from the drawers on the side, but I could never use this space. Now I have lots of space to work on.
  3. Slim front drawer – I hadn’t included this in the original drawings for the desk we were going to make, but now that I have this, I love it. It’s so handy to have the things I use the most right there.

While we were there, I also picked up a couple of little bowls to hold USB drives and paperclips, and a vase for flowers too. I’m still working on styling the shelves in a way that also makes them really efficient.

This week I went to IKEA to get a few things too. My part time job requires me to send out packages on a regular basis, and I got tired seeing stacks of big ugly yellow envelopes stacked on the shelves. These new magazine files are perfect for hiding the envelopes, but keeping them at arm’s reach.

I still need to figure out a chair solution as well. I’ve been using this old chair, that I recovered the bottom of back in 2011, but since then the back is falling apart too. Do I just find new fabric and recover it? Replace it?

I can’t believe how much of a difference having a white desk is making in that small space. It makes the whole dining room feel bigger! It also encourages me to keep the space clean and tidy – and I’ll take any motivation that I can get. The space is slowly starting to come together, but once it’s done I’ll be sure to share it.

It’s Friday the 13th…again! It was four weeks ago that we had the last one and I can remember it being a very different feeling. It was freezing cold and four days before my surgery. I was nervous and scrambling to get everything ready before I took my break. Now I feel so much better. Still working on my recovery but there has been lots of good days lately. On a super positive note – my results came back and my tumour was benign. Hallelujah!

Scares like this really make you take stock of everything around you. It makes you appreciate the good in your life and evaluate the things that need work. There are ten weeks left until my 30th birthday and although I’m not usually one to fixate on numbers, it does make me think about what I want to accomplish this month…this year…this next decade. Pretty heady stuff for a Friday post but it’s all good!

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PaintNite with Friends: Last weekend I met up with some of my film school friends for a little day date. We signed up for a PaintNite class at a pub in Toronto. It had been years since I’d taken any kind of real art class (probably high school?) and my favourite part was learning about the different techniques to bring the image in your head to fruition.


The great thing about being in a class like this is that you can see how everyone does it differently and admire each others work. It was a really fun class and I’d definitely do one again. My biggest tip – look for a coupon code online. The class is normally $45, but we found a code that made it about $25.


I just had to take a picture of this dark and stormy one done by another girl in the class. Doesn’t it look like the cover for a creepy Stephen King novel? I love it!


Afterwards, we went for a late lunch/early dinner at Feast on Queen Street, followed by a quick stop into The Paper Place to admire the awesome greeting cards and craft supplies…followed by some hot drinks and games at Castle Board Game Cafe. It was so nice to just spend a whole day with these lovely ladies, talking and laughing the whole time.


IKEA: I stopped into IKEA for one thing…and somehow came out with a whole bag full of goodies. It really is like a vortex when you get in there. I start seeing the displays, ideas pop into my head and before I know it, I’m putting a new lamp/rug/vase in my cart. I’m excited to share them in a few blog posts coming up soon.


2048: Have you heard of this game?!? I just found it this week and so far it has been all consuming. I’m determined to win it. I’ve gotten soooo close, but not quite there. The idea is simple – slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048…but it gets so intense as you get closer. I’ve been so good lately about not using my phone all day long and then this comes along and now I’m on it all the time. Once I win though…that’s it…I swear…I hope.

Organizing My iPhone: Speaking of phones… I came across this great tutorial from Jones Design Company on how to organize your iPhone home screen so it isn’t so cluttered. I took about 5 minutes to do it and so far I’m loving it. Having everything in folders (even the things I use every day) makes it look so much cleaner and organized. For the extra tap it takes to get into the folder to open the app, it’s totally worth it.

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My one goal this weekend – get outside for a few walks and enjoy this warmer weather. It’s still cold, but not as unbearable anymore! Hope you have a nice weekend too!

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