I’ve given you before and afters of my apartment Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom, so it seemed like it was about time to show you the bathroom as well.


I have a tiny little bathroom, with a slanted roof on one side, so I knew when I moved in that I could add a little colour, but be careful not to go overboard in such a small space. This is how my place looks right now, but it didn’t look like that when I first came in to view it.

The whole place was such a bachelor pad – shaving cream everywhere, haha!

This is a better shot from before I moved in, that shows you how tiny the shower really is. It has a hand held shower head (it falls from the holder when the water is turned on) and looks to originally be a footed tub that was titled in and then painted. The curtain that originally was there just draped on one side and took up most of the space in there.

When I moved in I bought a new shower curtain and from this came the whole colour scheme for the bathroom. I loved the way the turquoise (top), lime (middle) and navy (bottom) all looked together. These photos don’t really seem to do the colours justice, but it is hard to get great photos when you don’t have any natural light source in there.
My sweet Great Aunt helped me pick out the towels and we went with turquoise and lime to match the curtain (again, the picture doesn’t show how great these colours look.)

I like to have all the facecloths in a nice little basket for overnight guests to help themselves. I also found a cute vintage cover of Good Housekeeping to frame for some fun art. Its ironic that the little puppy looks like he’s having so much fun in the bath, because every time that I give Whiskey a bath in there he freaks out.

You can’t see it very well in these photos, but I cut the curtain to fit the angle of the roof and then stitched along the edges to give it a more polished look. Before, the curtain just hanged in a bunch and in a small bathroom like this, the more free space you have, the better.

I try to keep the bathroom free of clutter (easier said than done), but I do like to have a few little details in there whether it is a pairing of small bud vases or even this sweet waterlily votive holder my sister gave me a few years ago. This is one of those pieces that I love to bits – not just because it is stunning when it is lit, but also because it reminds me of the person who took the time to pick out something I really love.
On the opposite wall of the shower (technically it is in the shower), I have a long towel rack to hold bath towels and occasionally a shower radio – if I can remember to buy more batteries.
I’ve even been lucky enough to find Christmas towels that match the colour theme (turquoise and lime!) and I love to dig these out closer to the holidays.
Between the towel rack and the bathroom door is my medicine cabinet – full of makeupy goodness. There is also a large closet (about 1/2 the size of the bathroom!) behind the bathroom door which I use for storage. It has several deep shelves for extra towels, cleaning supplies, stocked up canned goods and a small cart that holds more makeup/bath stuff.

Thus concludes my little bathroom tour – emphasis on little.  Its got its quirks (no hot water until 7:45 am, an outlet that is actually in the shower stall and no water pressure if the laundry machine is on), but overall its a cute little place. If it was my own place and not a rental, there is so much more that I’d have liked to do in there, but for now I’m content to just keep it looking cheery!

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