You might not know this about me but at any given time I have 2+ jobs. Yep, I’m kind of a workaholic. I have my weekday 9-5 job and then I do at least one other gig on evenings and weekends. This means that I need to have a home office to get work done while I’m at home.



When we first moved into the apartment I just crammed my old desk in the corner of the dining room and called it a day. Very quickly it became overcrowded with junk and there was not enough room to store everything I needed.



The solution came with some well placed shelves and utilizing all the space in my little plastic filing cabinet on the left. Some day I would love to have that plastic piece replaced with a vintage cabinet.



My resident strong man did the honours and screwed all the brackets into the wall for the shelves, while I painted the edges. We used the same shelves as we did in the bathroom, so they were already covered in a white coating which will make for easy dusting/clean up.



Once the shelves were up it was a matter of making them functional. The boxes on the top left shelf hold office supplies, craft supplies and receipts (one box for business, one box for home). The basket on the right holds any fabrics I’m using for projects. The files I’m currently working on are kept on the right in my divider and any I’m not working on go in the filing cabinet. I wanted to add some fun memories to the shelf so I included my beloved Maltese Falcon, a picture I love, a blue vase I bought from a trip to Greece a few years ago and a cool retro clock I picked up on a trip to the States.



My little desk from the old apartment is looking a little rough, but it does the trick. I sometimes touch up the paint with a black sharpie or a little paint. It just has to keep going until I can find an awesome vintage one at a garage sale/flea market. I keep supplies in the little box of drawers on the desk, as well as the top drawer of the filing cabinet. All mailing supplies are stored in the bottom drawer and files are kept in the middle two. I try to keep it all organized but it usually goes wild after a couple of weeks, so I make a point of tidying up while watching an episode of TV (Cougar Town is back! Love that show.)



It may be a tiny, slightly cramped, space, but its mine and I love it. It helps that it gets so much natural light and is a nice warm, sunny place to get work done. The great thing about having it in the dining room is that when a project gets out of hand I can take over the dining room table and have more work space!

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3 thoughts on “My Little Home Office

  1. Clayton Steadham

    “It may be a tiny, slightly cramped, space, but its mine and I love it.” – Right you are, Amanda! After all, you only need enough space for a home-office, where everything is just within your reach. Your desk may not be as big as Donald Trump’s, but if it’s organized and neat, then you’re good to go! ^____^

    Clayton Steadham


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