I finally found new spring pillows and linens to go in the bedroom! And I love the new look. Its very calm and quiet, which is what I need at the end of a long day.

I swapped out our usual beige sheets (which were too close to the wall colour), and went with a light blue. I tried to find the lightest feeling sheets, because I know these will be the ones we’ll use this summer and it will get hot in there. We decided to keep the same IKEA duvet cover I’ve been using for the last 5 years because…
1) Its super soft and cozy
2) I still love the flower pattern (without being too flowery
3) I didn’t want to spend money on another cover for this bed when we’ll probably be upgrading to a queen size bed eventually.

The new pillows look great! The geometric covers are a little too “white” against the other more beige patterns, but maybe they will age a little with time. Or maybe some tea staining? Has anyone done this before?

After looking a tons of fabric to make pillow covers and not finding snything that matched the colours I wanted, I was so happy to find these covers with all the colours already in there. It ended up being the perfect match with the green in the lumbar pillow and the light blue of the new sheets.

Spring Bedroom Linens Breakdown:
Duvet Cover – Already Owned ($20 from IKEA)
Light Blue Sheet Set – $45
Geometric Flower Pillow cases – $35 ($17.50 each)
Painted Braid Lumbar Pillow – $20
TOTAL: $80

$80 isn’t too shabby for an (almost) new look in the bedroom. Especially considering that I got everything at 50% off by keeping an eye out for deals.
Next up is adding some framed artwork above the bed! I have the frames, not I just need the artwork. Any suggestions on where you can get inexpensive/free prints online?

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