On Tuesday, my instagram feed was blowing up with fellow Canadian bloggers who were going to the opening of the first Target stores in Canada. There were so many picture of great finds, and warnings that things were flying of the shelves, but I knew I still wanted to go check it out.

So as soon as my yoga class ended, I headed over to check it out. I didn’t expect that many people there because it was past 9:30pm, but I was surprised to find the place very busy. I guess everyone else had the same idea as us!

Right away, I was excited to see so many colourful pillows and fun decor. I love the grellow ceramic bird and the ruffled teal pillow!

Awesome sea glass soap dispensers.

Bright vases and lamps. Makes me want to redo our living room!

Adorable honeycomb vases. I’ve been seeing these pop up on blogs all over and I love how great they look clustered together.

Nate Berkus! This was the last thing that was left on his shelf. Everything else was ransacked. He’s one popular guy!

My absolute favourite thing was all the COLOUR! Everything was a little messy from all the people going through there today, but I still loved seeing a full rainbow. This would make Meg Duerksen quite happy.

Another rainbow of dish towels.

And some wildly bright gift bags. I wish I’d had some birthdays coming up to grab some of these.

And speaking of birthdays, I love love love these tall rainbow candles. I almost bought them for my own birthday in May, ha! But I resisted….for now.

The section that I was most excited to see was all the home decor pieces. This is the reason why I shop at Target whenever I’m in the States, so it’s exciting to see it here now. I wasn’t the only one it seems, because there was very little left on the shelves. The entire shelf to the right was completely bare.

These white mirrored nightstands would be perfect in a bedroom, with a stack of books, a vintage style alarm clock and a vase full of pink peonies.

Adorable stools in a fun fresh upholstery.

Bright pillows.

Yummy smelling beeswax “jar” candles.

Wavy glass candleholders.

These Edison-style outdoor strings lights are the exact same ones that my mom and I fell in love with in Florida last month. I wish that I had somewhere to use them right now. I’m still tempted to grab four strands and hide them away for when we get a house someday.

Their new eclectic dishes remind me so much of my Anthropologie collection.

Funny little mugs and tea cups with matching saucers.

These salt and pepper shakers are adorable, and I actually ended up snatching up the last pair. I just couldn’t leave them behind.

A matching cookie jar.

Fun and funky melamine plastic dishes – perfect for patio season.

A trellis patterned slowcooker? I never knew they made anything outside of black and white.

I was quite impressed with the Thank You card selection.

It made me wish I had a reason to send one to someone.

A fun birthday card with a bunting motive on the top. You could easily create this at home too!

Great modern save the date idea. Just circle the calendar!

Now Garrett says that he has seen this before, but I never have. A rubber band ball? Isn’t this was you do when you’re bored at work? What happens when you get to the middle of the ball? What’s inside?

I also took a walk through the clothing section. It was funny to see some of the things I picked up in Florida last month are finally here. All the bright colours had me wishing it was warmer weather already.

Beautiful pale pink and peach earrings. I wish they’d had them in a teal colour too!

One thing that was a nice Canadian addition was Roots apparel!

I ended up picking up one of the t-shirts, along with a few other little goodies. And we bought chocolate that went undocumented….it never lasts long in our house.

We ended up grabbing the soap dispenser for the kitchen sink. Despite the fact that I just made the Mason Jar Soap Dispenser, I really liked the sleek lines of this one, so we’ll be moving the mason jar elsewhere for now. The little salt and pepper shakers fit in perfectly with the Anthropologie bowls on the kitchen shelf.

I also grabbed a couple of new dishes for blog pictures. Always on the hunt for more!
Doesn’t it look like he has a pink mustache?


I love the vintage style t-shirt. It’s very soft and perfect for the gym. Whiskey approved.
Although I’ll still try to buy as much as I can locally, it is nice to know that we have a store like this to pick up some fun decor pieces along the way. Saves me taking trips down to the States all the time!
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