Our friends and family are always playing board games – on cottage weekendschilly nights and especially during the holidays. When the fine folks at Mattel offered to send us some games and goodies to host a games night, I couldn’t turn it down! They had me head over to their Facebook app, Gameology, to determine what kind of gamer I am and figure out what games I’d like. Turns out that I’m a Wittian:

Wittians are cunning players who enjoy the psychology of gameplay. Outsmarting their opponents is just as rewarding to them as outplaying them. They are wary of luck and prefer to make their own using skill and guile. Wittians are generally trustworthy friends, but it should be remembered that at the end of the day, nothing will stop them from sacrificing you if it gets them a win.


Mattel sent me a Game On kit full of all the supplies needed to make a great games night – games, a party checklist, colourful napkins, coasters, bottle openers and fortune cookies. We’d played a few of the games like Uno and Apples to Apples but the rest were new to us!


The checklist came in handy for planning out our menu, the shopping list and reminding us of important details – like shoveling the porch so that guests could actually make it to our front door.


I loved that they included some goodies for decorating the table, as well as some bottle openers to send home with everyone.


I come from a family where you prepare food to show people how much you care about them, so it comes as no surprise that I wanted a good spread for our friends. After a quick morning trip to the grocery store (we had to wait for our road to be plowed!), I put together a tray of crisp veggies, buttermilk ranch dip and a new recipe I tried – Jalapeno Popper Pinwheels.



I also made one of my tried and true appetizer recipes – Hot Artichoke Parmesan Dip with crackers for dippin’. It’s easy to make, warms you up on cold weather months, I usually have everything on hand AND guests love it. Win-win, my friends.


Mattel also sent some fun fortune cookies for snacking on.


They all had cute game-specific fortunes.



We all pulled up some chairs to our dining room table and started playing. Outside it was cold and snowy, but inside we were laughing and having a great time.


My favourite game in the box was Mad Gab. Hearing everyone trying to figure out the answers was hilarious. I can’t wait to take this one with us to the family Christmas party this year.


Whiskey was happy to join in on all the fun (and take turns sitting on everyone’s lap). He looks sweet, but I think he was just eyeing the crackers on the table.






It was a great afternoon spent playing some fun games, eating yummy food and more importantly – catching up with our friends. What better way to spend a snowy Sunday afternoon?


…and now I’m excited to give you the chance to have your own games night with a Mattel Game On kit. Woo hoo!





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DISCLAIMER:  Mattel sent me the Game On box to review, but all opinions and comments are my own. 

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