Garrett occasionally has to work on weekends, which means that we often pack those weekends he is home with errands, visits and fun activities together. This one was one for the books.

We started with a movie date to see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit after work on Friday. I had hoped to relax after the work week with a nice movie and some popcorn with my man, and it ended up being a super action-packed heart-racing film. Not remotely relaxing, but still lots of fun. I thought Chris Pine did a fanatic job and I always love to see Kevin Costner in a movie. Then we followed it up with a visit to friends in town, including a doggie date for Whiskey.



Our Saturday morning started with some car maintenance that ended up taking most of the day, but it was worth it in the end. We’d taken my car into the shop for new brake pads, rotors and calipers, and it came to almost $1200. Yikes! That’s a lot to fork out any time, but especially when we have a wedding to pay for. My dad was really sweet and offered to do it for us on his only day off, as long as we brought him the parts and helped him do it. It saved us over $800. I was in charge with keeping the coffee coming, running errands and making lunch, while Garrett did the heavy lifting in the garage. We had to drive my dad’s beautiful 1932 Ford Highboy out of the garage to do the work – but he made sure to tuck it in with a blanket.


My dad still has some work to do on this car, but we’re really hoping that we can take some pictures with it at the wedding. He’s built some pretty amazing cars over the years, but I have to admit that this one is my favourite, even above the cherry red 1932 Ford Coupe he drove when I was little. The only time he’s let me drive this hot rod was back home from a car show in town – and he followed me the whole way :)

Garrett’s parents came up to join us for dinner after all the work on the car was done. It was a great chance for us to go over some details for the wedding and finalize the guest list.


We’re using lots of mercury glass in our wedding decorations, so I took the time to make a quick inventory of all the pieces we’ve bought already and figure out what else we need. I’m on the hunt for more mercury glass votive holders, so if you see any on sale in Ontario, let me know!


Sunday brought us more wedding work (the fun kind of “work”), with a trip to The Bay to make our wedding registry. I loved seeing all the different takes on the traditional Hudson’s Bay wool point blankets – made into coats too!


No one ever tells you how hard it can be to do a registry! There are just so many choices and decisions to make. I was torn between two sets of everyday plates and all I could think of was that whatever one I pick I could be stuck with for 20+ years, so I had to make sure I really liked them. Ha! In the end we left with half our registry done and half of it full of notes of things to research.


After shopping, we mustered up the energry to do some nighttime skiing. Sunday nights are pretty low key at the ski hill, so it seemed like a great chance for me to teach Garrett. It’s a hobby that my family we’ve always done since I was little and I love that I’m able to pass it onto him too.


I ended up teaching him on snowblades, because that’s what I use and I find them easy to learn if you already know how to skate. Thankfully we didn’t have any broken limbs and he was actually having a great time once he got the hang of it. Hopefully I can drag him back to the hill for another weekend when he is home!

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