With all the greens we’ve been getting in our CSA lately, I’ve been playing around with different salad recipes. This super simple summer salad has become one of my favourites and I love to change up the recipe depending on what greens we have on hand. I’ve been using swiss chard or kale, but you can make this with spring greens or lettuce as well, and just skip massaging the greens and add the extra olive oil to the dressing…. Read more »


We’ve officially lived in our house for five weeks now and we’re still working on getting settled into each room. For the most part we have all the furniture where it should be but it still felt like it was missing something and then it dawned on me – we have nothing on the walls! At our old apartment we had paintings by family and friends, a gallery wall of photos and few souvenirs we picked up along the way,… Read more »

Happy Friday! Today I headed into downtown Toronto early in the morning to celebrate a huge milestone in my family – my sister was called to the bar and is officially a lawyer! My sister is one of the smartest people I know with an incredible work ethic and a big heart to boot. She is going to be an amazing lawyer and I can’t wait to see how she changes the world. The ceremony itself was in the beautiful… Read more »


Growing up with a severe peanut and tree nut allergy, there were very few foreign foods that I was able to experience safely. It wasn’t until I was an adult that allergies become well known and restaurants started preparing food safely. It was about seven years ago that I was first introduced to Indian food and since then it has become one of my favourites. Seeing as there aren’t too many nut-free Indian restaurants near me, I’ve had to learn… Read more »

When we first talked about buying the farmhouse, I was a little worried about how much work we would be taking on. I was scared we’d mess it up or it would cost a fortune to turn it into a home, but through it all my dad has been there cheering Garrett and I on. Telling us we can do this. We can make this into our dream home with our own hands, and what we don’t know he is… Read more »

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