Happy Friday! It’s a dark and rainy day so far but it hasn’t kept my spirits down. How can you be sad when it’s oh so close to being the weekend? Rain also means that we can take a break from outdoor work and focus on getting the inside sorted out. We’ve lived at the farmhouse for almost two months and there are still rooms that we haven’t touched since that first weekend we moved in. When the weather has been so good, we want to get out and enjoy it while working outside, but rain is a good thing too!

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Little Chickens: The chicks are about eight weeks old now and are really looking like mini chickens now! They’re still quite small but are growing everyday. Four of them (Little, Scratch, Ethel and Zsa Zsa) look like this – lots of big beautiful feathers with some awkward teenage fluff here and there.

…but the fifth one looks a little different. This one was Henrietta but we now call it Henry because we’re about 99% positive it’s a rooster. Then he confirmed it this morning. Garrett was feeding the chickens while I was taking some pictures in the yard and I suddenly heard this awful strangling noise. Turns out Henry tried to crow at him! I don’t know how I feel about having an alarm clock like this.

You can see how different they really look in their faces. The girls have tiny pink combs on the top of their heads…

…and Henry has a bigger red comb and the beginning of a wattle under his beak.
I would love to be able to keep him, but for a number of reasons we can’t. I’m still looking for a good home for him and have had a couple of people interested in him. It will be hard to say goodbye, but I don’t have much choice here. I guess it’s part of life as a chicken owner!

Couch Hunting: A couple of years ago we got this gently used sofa couch and while it wasn’t what I would have picked for our living room, it worked for what we needed it for. It’s seen better days now with numerous tears from the dogs (Whiskey went through a shredding phase on the arms), it pills like crazy and the seat cushions are so beaten down now that you can actually feel the bed frame below. The time has come to look for a replacement.

I’m looking for a large sectional to fit the room, with a durable and machine washable slipcover, that isn’t ridiculously expensive. Easier said than done.

So far the top contender is the Karlstad from IKEA. I like how Young House Love painted the feet a different colour and I think we could really make it work in our space. I’ve read good reviews about it’s durability and comfort, but we still need to trek to IKEA to do a real seat test and make sure it’s the right look and feel we’re going for. If you have any suggestions of good places to shop for couches, please leave them in the comments below!

Big News Next Week: After many weeks of going back and forth about names and the direction of this blog…I finally picked one. The big reveal will be sometime next week, with a new look and new name, but the same old Amanda! I’ve been up late the last few nights trying to get all the pieces in motion, and I probably have about a week’s worth of website design work to cram into one weekend…but it will be worth it in the end. I hope you’ll stop by next week to see the new look!

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Have an awesome weekend!!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – Little Chickens, Couch Hunting and Big News Next Week

  1. Lor

    When we first got our cats, we thought they were two brothers. But over time, we learned one of them was a female (aka they needed to be fixed, asap!) . The rooster is beautiful, I’m sure he’ll soon get a lovely home.
    I’m so looking forward to seeing the new name and changes to the blog! It’s so exciting, can’t wait to see it all!


  2. Julie

    I love having an enormous sectional! I definitely recommend one. I would suggest the store we purchased it from, but I doubt you want to travel up north to Sudbury for it! Ha!
    Can’t wait to see what name you’ve picked for the blog.


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