Happy Friday! I wish I had something more exciting to share, but this week it’s been all about painting the outside of the house. We get up, go to work, come home, immediately change into painting clothes and work away until it’s pitch black and the mosquitoes have eaten us alive. Most nights we’ve been having dinner at 9:30/10:00 pm…and it’s definitely not blog worthy. It’s usually whatever I can scrounge around for in the freezer. I’m so thankfully that we have our CSA food share right now, because that’s the only way I know we’re getting vegetables in us right now!

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Tonight is our last night to get up on the scaffolding and paint the upper part of the house, so I’m sure we’ll be up there until well past dark. And by “we” I mean Garrett. I’ve tried to get up there but we’ve learned this week that I don’t do well with heights.

 I knew the house was dirty and needed some work, but when I look at the newer stucco paint (up top) and the old finish (below)…I’m so floored by the change. I still can’t get over how white and bright everything looks now. I love it! More photos soon!

The only time I’ve left the house has been for painting supplies and food runs, so I was happy to get away for a bit yesterday to pick out trim for the new porch posts that are being installed tomorrow. I thought it would be easy…but there are just so many options!

I ended up settling on this shingle mould for the top part of the column, but I still need to figure out the base. It might be easier to figure out once the new posts are up tomorrow. Can’t wait!

The other big project this week was patching big holes in the concrete floor of our garage. Garrett and his dad worked so hard to even out this floor, which had holes that were deep enough to twist an ankle. The plan is to frame this in and finish it to be a home gym. We already have the equipment to go inside and converting this room is way less than the cost of our old annual gym memberships.

I’ve been getting a bunch of messages from family and friends about how the chicks are doing. They’re loving the new coop and have been growing like weeds since we moved them out there. I’ll be sharing more pics of the coop itself next week. Last week they could all fit on that log together, and now the fifth one always gets pushed off. They grow up so fast! We’ve got another 11 weeks to go until they’ll start laying eggs, which means we should have some pretty good omelets around the end of September.

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Hope you have a lovely sunny weekend!

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