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Happy Friday! It’s a dark and rainy day so far but it hasn’t kept my spirits down. How can you be sad when it’s oh so close to being the weekend? Rain also means that we can take a break from outdoor work and focus on getting the inside sorted out. We’ve lived at the farmhouse for almost two months and there are still rooms that we haven’t touched since that first weekend we moved in. When the weather has… Read more »

While we keep working away at the exterior of the farmhouse, I’m excited to show you around the other structure on our property. It was built around 1903, the same time that the house and the old barn was built (which unfortunately burned down many years ago). It’s a solid concrete building with an updated steel roof. Originally we thought it was some kind of a shed, but with a little research my mom learned that it is a spring… Read more »


Every week I pick up our organic CSA food share to see what goodies they’ve harvested. This week we got carrots, beets, three types of kale, swiss chard, garlic scapes, broccoli, onions, rhubarb, parsley and basil. So much good, healthy whole food! We have a relatively short growing season here, which means I need to enjoy local produce while I can! I pick up most of our fruits and vegetables from farmers markets and through our food share, but it’s… Read more »

Happy Friday! I wish I had something more exciting to share, but this week it’s been all about painting the outside of the house. We get up, go to work, come home, immediately change into painting clothes and work away until it’s pitch black and the mosquitoes have eaten us alive. Most nights we’ve been having dinner at 9:30/10:00 pm…and it’s definitely not blog worthy. It’s usually whatever I can scrounge around for in the freezer. I’m so thankfully that… Read more »

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