While we keep working away at the exterior of the farmhouse, I’m excited to show you around the other structure on our property. It was built around 1903, the same time that the house and the old barn was built (which unfortunately burned down many years ago). It’s a solid concrete building with an updated steel roof. Originally we thought it was some kind of a shed, but with a little research my mom learned that it is a spring… Read more »


When we first laid our eyes on the farmhouse back in March, I had these ideas of making big gardens, a vegetable patch and a few planters…and just filling the whole place with all the lofty garden dreams from my Pinterest board. Looking back, I’m sure it was just first homeowners excitement with a touch of naivety. The thought of having our own land, where I can get my hands dirty and make some things grow was just too much… Read more »

For the last five days our house has been a construction zone. I took the time off work to start on the exterior makeover and I now realize that hard labour is no joke! Going back to the office this morning felt like a break, ha! Wednesday and Thursday was all about gathering materials, finishing up some yard work and laying down our plan of attack. Our last stop was to the lumber yard, where we left with four carts… Read more »


We’ve officially lived in our house for five weeks now and we’re still working on getting settled into each room. For the most part we have all the furniture where it should be but it still felt like it was missing something and then it dawned on me – we have nothing on the walls! At our old apartment we had paintings by family and friends, a gallery wall of photos and few souvenirs we picked up along the way,… Read more »


This weekend was really one for the books. Not only did we move into our first house, but it was also my 30th birthday! We spent Friday and Saturday moving everything in, and then my mom and sister hosted a big family birthday party on Sunday at the farmhouse. The great thing about having a party the day after you move in is that no one can have any expectations! They decorated the future dining room with a big buffet table and… Read more »

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