Happy Friday! It’s a dark and rainy day so far but it hasn’t kept my spirits down. How can you be sad when it’s oh so close to being the weekend? Rain also means that we can take a break from outdoor work and focus on getting the inside sorted out. We’ve lived at the farmhouse for almost two months and there are still rooms that we haven’t touched since that first weekend we moved in. When the weather has… Read more »

Happy Friday! Today I headed into downtown Toronto early in the morning to celebrate a huge milestone in my family – my sister was called to the bar and is officially a lawyer! My sister is one of the smartest people I know with an incredible work ethic and a big heart to boot. She is going to be an amazing lawyer and I can’t wait to see how she changes the world. The ceremony itself was in the beautiful… Read more »

Happy Friday! Usually I have at least a few pictures or a story or two to share on a Friday, but this week it’s been about the same routine every day: Wake up still exhausted, sore and so so happy Feed the chickens Walk the dogs Feed the dogs Make breakfast and pack lunch Leave for work Do house related errands on my lunch break Head home after work, stop for groceries or errands on the way home Walk the… Read more »

Happy Friday! The weeks are just flying by right now! Everything is kind of revolving around the house these days. We’re working on it around the clock and I can’t wait to start sharing more photos soon. My big plans for the weekend are lots of yard work (weather permitting), organizing things inside and researching some upcoming projects. Lots of things in the works! /  /  / The chicks are getting so big! Even since I took these photos earlier… Read more »

Happy Friday! I’m writing today’s post from the comfort of our front porch! I think I’ve found my new favourite spot to blog! / / / House Love: Garrett and I are totally in love with our house. I knew we were going to be pretty happy moving from the apartment to a larger space, but I didn’t realize how much. Every day I wake up so happy that this is our home and I feel so at peace here…. Read more »

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