Every week I pick up our organic CSA food share to see what goodies they’ve harvested. This week we got carrots, beets, three types of kale, swiss chard, garlic scapes, broccoli, onions, rhubarb, parsley and basil. So much good, healthy whole food! We have a relatively short growing season here, which means I need to enjoy local produce while I can! I pick up most of our fruits and vegetables from farmers markets and through our food share, but it’s… Read more »


Back when I worked in Toronto there was a four year span where I moved myself, my boss or our office no less than EIGHT times. Seriously. By the end of it I’d found ways to make moving much easier and reduce the inevitable stress that comes with it. The move from our little apartment in the suburbs to a big house in the country came with it’s own set of obstacles (like where to put boxes once they were… Read more »

A month ago I wrote about how I was going to give my little home office an update. At the time I thought that it would be awhile until we bought a house, so I was looking for ways to improve our apartment and make it work better for us. Little did I know that in less than a week we’d be putting an offer on the farmhouse. It just shows you how quickly things can turn around! I’m about… Read more »


This month has really made me feel like humans were meant to hibernate in January. I’ve been feeling slow and sluggish, with the urge to stay under the covers (with two cozy little dogs) as strong as ever. But life still goes on (even in the bitter cold months) and we all need to find ways to keep us motivated. Here are ten ways that I keep myself organized and on track, even when it’s really busy or out of… Read more »


Over the weekend Garrett and I got working on a project that had been on our minds for some time. We’ve been looking for a bench that would give the dogs a window seat to look out at the street below and give us some much needed storage. When we couldn’t find anything that fit the bill we decided to take the plunge and build it ourselves. Ok, so you know how usually you go into a DIY project and… Read more »

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