Today is Family Day here in Ontario and I’m spending it relaxing and checking out some local events, but I thought I’d pop in with a quick post and say hi! I’ve seen this survey on a few blogs lately and I thought it would be fun to share it myself. /  /  / Household chore I actually enjoy: Laundry…especially when it’s just come out of the dryer and is still warm. I don’t mind folding laundry when it feels so… Read more »

Happy Friday! Earlier this week I was wishing for a white Christmas and it looks like all this snow may just stay around long enough for that to happen. Fingers crossed! I know there are so many people out there who don’t get snow at Christmas, but I just can’t picture the holidays without it. Of course there have been years that we didn’t get it, but there is something about all that white fluffy stuff that makes us want… Read more »


You may have noticed that January has been a fairly quiet month around here. I’ve been trying to take the time to focus on wedding planning, keeping up my health (especially warding off any colds!) and generally getting things in order. So I gave myself some slack and took a light month of blogging. Now I feel rejuvenated and ready to jump into February with a head full of exciting recipes, projects and posts. It’s good to step back sometimes… Read more »

The fun thing about having a blog is that you can use it almost like a diary, and look back to see where you were at a certain point in time. It’s interesting to see what my goals were for 2013 and see how they have changed…and which ones I never completed.   Rather than making lofty resolutions at the beginning of the year, I was inspired by a great list I saw on Craftberry Bush and it really spoke to what I… Read more »

When I first started to think about 2013, it felt like it’d just flown by. Then I started looking back in the blog archives and saw all the new recipes and projects that I did this year – and it got me inspired about what I want to accomplish in 2014. Here is a quick recap of what went down in 2013 on the ol’ blog!   January My first project of the year was to clean an old horse shoe my Nana… Read more »

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