So…the last couple of weeks we’ve been under quarantine at our apartment. I got sick last week and spent most of the week laying on the couch whenever I was home and only started to feel human again on Tuesday. Just as I was feeling better, Garrett got the same head and chest cold and it knocked him out too. He rarely gets sick but when he does, he falls hard. Then before I knew it, it was Good Friday… Read more »


You may have noticed that January has been a fairly quiet month around here. I’ve been trying to take the time to focus on wedding planning, keeping up my health (especially warding off any colds!) and generally getting things in order. So I gave myself some slack and took a light month of blogging. Now I feel rejuvenated and ready to jump into February with a head full of exciting recipes, projects and posts. It’s good to step back sometimes… Read more »

The fun thing about having a blog is that you can use it almost like a diary, and look back to see where you were at a certain point in time. It’s interesting to see what my goals were for 2013 and see how they have changed…and which ones I never completed.   Rather than making lofty resolutions at the beginning of the year, I was inspired by a great list I saw on Craftberry Bush and it really spoke to what I… Read more »

When I first started to think about 2013, it felt like it’d just flown by. Then I started looking back in the blog archives and saw all the new recipes and projects that I did this year – and it got me inspired about what I want to accomplish in 2014. Here is a quick recap of what went down in 2013 on the ol’ blog!   January My first project of the year was to clean an old horse shoe my Nana… Read more »


As always, I had hoped for a White Christmas this year. I wasn’t anticipating all the freezing rain when I made that request. It turned everything into a wonderful frozen winter wonderland across Southern Ontario, until the trees starting coming down in the Toronto area on power lines. Thankfully all of our family and friends who lost power in Toronto were able to leave the city for shelter, food and holiday celebrations. As one friend put it  - “it has… Read more »

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